What is Christian Mental Wellness?

With terminology like lifestyle medicine, self-care, mindfulness and inner healing being thrown around these days, it’s easy to become saturated and confused with what ‘being well’ really means anymore.

So what then is Christian Mental Wellness?

It is a new way to view getting better.

We pray, we receive counselling and yet sometimes we do not see the instant healing we see in the Bible, or even see with our own eyes as others are miraculously released from their own battles. And this can leave us despondent, disillusioned and afraid. Maybe we haven’t prayed enough. And sometimes we start thinking that maybe God isn’t going to heal us… or maybe we are not good enough to be healed.

Our hope with this site is to provide some scriptural support, thoughtful articles that discuss mental health from a Christian perspective and resources to help you move forward in your own journey. We want to dispel myths, break the stigma and surround Christians with the prayerful support they need during what is mostly a very difficult and daunting season in their lives.

We believe that the concept of Christian Mental Wellness will provide a new way of thinking about the integration of traditional and mainstream therapies and medical strategies with faith, scripture and Christ-centred healing.

Topics will include using medication, receiving non-Christian therapy through psychologists and psychiatrists and practising healthy lifestyle choices to reduce the physical stress placed on the body during times of mental illness. These topics will be available through articles, podcasts, videos and webinars as well as via the email membership subscription.

Do you have a story to share?

How has your journey with God helped you through the mental wellness journey?

We would love to read your story and share it with this community to empower others to know that God is always with us through everything.

Click here to submit your story.

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