Welcome to Christian Mental Wellness Australia – A Better Way to Live

We help Christians improve their mental health through Godly practices, supportive community and relatable materials that enable them to confidently share their story without fear of stigma or rejection.

Christian Mental Wellness is a volunteer run website offering encouragement, support, resources and articles to help you and/or your loved ones in the journey to mental wellness. We focus on Christian healing, Biblical strategies and a healthy and deep relationship with God as the most effective way to recalibrate your life and get things back on track.

At Christian Mental Wellness you will find general resources, articles, links to lifestyle medicine resources and a blog full of encouraging stories written by founder Miriam E. Miles and other Christians journeying through to wellness.

Looking toward the future

God has a master plan for CMWA creating clear guidelines, making awesome connections and developing a network for us even though we’ve not yet officially launched.

If you’d like to become a founding member of CMWA and be involved from the ground up, email us at christianmentalwellnessau@gmail.com and share what God is putting on your heart for this foundation.

A word from Founder, Miriam E. Miles

Miriam E. Miles

My name is Miriam Miles and I am a writer and speaker advocating for better mental health and wellness for Christians. I write over here about my personal journey which includes a diagnosis of Bipolar 2 Disorder, Generalised Anxiety and Panic Disorder and Emotional Dysregulation. You can read my full story here.

Having lived with and managed a multifaceted mental illness diagnosis for the past 20 years I have come to a point where I am passionate about helping others walk through their own mental wellness journey.

I use the term Mental Wellness because I believe that one of the primary things that need to change is how we view mental health in general. Choosing to take a path toward wellness includes mental health, and therefore becomes a holistic process. 

So as you connect with us here at Christian Mental Wellness Australia, know that you are being prayerfully supported in your journey toward a healed and complete life in Christ. May you be blessed today and always,

Miriam E. Miles

We do not offer any medical, psychological or psychiatric care or advice and are run purely on volunteer service. You can find some wonderful resources here.

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