Amusement Park Friends Enjoyment Lifestyle ConceptHow can we help you?

We have a few ways to contact us directly for specific requests. If your enquiry is about something more specific or private, please complete the contact form below. Ask for Prayer page? Or would you like to ask a question and have it added to the Question Box?

Do you need prayer?

We all need prayer and sometimes just knowing that others are interceding for you can be empowering and help us get through. Your prayer requests remain private and are only shared with the administration of Christian Mental Wellness Australia.

Click to Ask for Prayer

Do you have a question to add to our public question forum?

The Question Box is a public forum to answer questions presented by the community. We hope that the responses we present help you transform your mental wellness and bring you closer to God.

Go to the Question Box

Are you a Blogger?

We are open to pitches on mental health with a Christian view from bloggers.

Find out more about sharing your story or sending guest post submissions

Please note: We do not offer any medical, psychological or psychiatric care or advice and are run purely on volunteer service. You can find some wonderful resources here.

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